International Sangha Day 2020: A Festival of Light

International Sangha Day 2020: A Festival of Light

Freitag, 27. November – Sonntag, 29. November

Am 28.11. feiert die gesamte Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Triratna den Sangha-Tag! Und spannt das Programm über mehrere Zeitzonen. Hier findet ihr den offiziellen Ankündigungstext:

What a year… Through dark days that have brought heartache for so many reasons, we’ve come together as a community time and time again. Resilient, reflective, remarkable. And now, as we head into winter in one hemisphere and summer in another, we invite everyone moved by the sangha in 2020 to gather again as one.

We’ll pass the torch around the world once more – starting at dawn in the south Pacific, ending with nightfall in the north – ringing Triratna with a blaze of light in a gorgeous online festival of Dharma.

From Pune to Paris, Sheffield to Sydney, we’re asking you to bring with you the glow of your practice, the fire of your heart – and connect with so many of us who have seen the Buddha’s bright shining and answered its call. The world has never needed more the exemplification of generosity and friendship that is the best of our sangha.

Join us on November 28th for a celebration of our deep illumined connections. And let’s get ready together for 2021, resolved to grow and give as a community. Here come all of us to light the way!

The day will be divided into six watches of the day and night, taking us from sunrise to sunrise, sunset to sunset.


Ihr findet das Programm und die Zugänge unter folgendem Link:

Für die Veranstaltungen 5,7 und 8 wird es Simultanübersetzungen auf Deutsch geben. Jnanachandra und Sanghadarshini werden übersetzen, in zoom könnt ihr ihre Übersetzung für euch hinzuschalten.