Padmasambhava Puja for the Rote Burg

Padmasambhava Puja for the Rote Burg

Saturday 11 June 6pm – 8pm

In the 8th century the Tibetan King Trisong Detsen decided to erect the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet. But all his attempts failed, the resistance of the local deities and demons was far too strong. During the night they destroyed everything that had been build during the day and the building work couldn’t progress. Finally, Trisong Detsen called Padmasambhava for help. The great Indian master managed to pacify the demons and finish the monastery. He thereby laid the foundation for the spreading of the Dharma in Tibet.

Similarly in the 21st century it is not an easy task to build a Buddhist retreat centre. The gods and demons of today’s Berlin may appear in very different forms than those of 8th century Tibet. But we are also faced with the need to pacify all the resisting forces that arise as obstacles and challenges and obstruct the project.

In 2016 Padmavajra gave a talk in Berlin, in which he transmitted four precepts from Padmasambhava for Berlin. In this talk he stressed: „These powerful gods and demons are volatile, and in a way, insecure, they need Buddhists to fully revere the Glorious Mandala of the Buddha’s Enlightenment. These gods want to serve what is highest and greatest in existence and they will do that to the extent that we Buddhists really live the Dharma live together, as well as revering and cherishing the Buddha and the Dharma and building and creating a deeply harmonious Sangha.“

So let’s revere the Glorious Mandala together! We invite you to celebrate a puja for Padmasambhava and the progress of our future retreat centre. This evening also offers the opportunity to learn more about the planning process and the current state of the project.