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Afternoon Seminar with Maitreyabandhu

Afternoon Seminar with Maitreyabandhu

Thursday 15 February 2024 – Saturday 17 February 2024

Thursday, 15th February
Friday, 16th February
Saturday, 17th February

17:30 - 18:45

In these Afternoon Seminars, Maitreyabandhu will lead us through a Seminar which our founder and teacher Bhante Sangharakshita held himself in the early days of our Order. These seminars are precious glimpses into Bhantes insights into the Dharma as well as into how he communicated to different people. They bring alive both our Movement in its earlier stages as well as the Dharma that they are trying to communicate. The plan is to go through Bhantes Seminar on “Padmasambhava's advice to the three fortunate women”. You can find the text here:

The Afternoon Seminars start at 17:30 with Meditation. The Seminar proper starts at 18:00, so if you can't make it earlier, feel free to come at 18:00.

It's advisable to try and come to all three Afternoon Seminars, but they are essentially drop-in events, so do come to as many as you can.