Monday Meditation Course: A Deeper Love

Monday Meditation Course: A Deeper Love

To be human is to experience a range of emotions - joy/sadness, contentment/anxiety, curiosity/boredom, love/hate.  All too often, especially in the face of current events, it's easy to be overwhelmed by disturbing emotions that disconnect us from ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

Buddhism offers a path for developing strong, positive emotions that allow us to respond to life with courage, creativity and kindness. Key to this development is the meditation practice known as the metta bhavana (the cultivation of loving-kindness). It's a radical practice that can be deeply satisfying and transformative. 

However, many people find it very challenging!

This 6-week meditation course will help you to rise to the challenge. Through a combination of teaching, guided meditation and discussion, we'll take a fresh look at the practice and explore different approaches and emphases to help you take your metta practice much deeper. The course is suitable for anyone who is already familiar with the basic structure of the practice.

After the 6 weeks, there will be a companion course - A Deeper Awareness: a 6-week course helping you to go deeper into the mindfulness of breathing practice.